We are a family-owned, local business based in Redding, CA.  We spent years of renting trucks for moving, hauling, and storing. The price of a full service mover was exorbitant and renting trucks and battling ramps was not only a time-killer but was also exhausting.  We knew there had to be a better way and we found it!  With our new business we are bringing moving and storage into the 21st Century.

Our beautiful, new containers are of the highest quality:

  • The largest in the industry - 8' x 8' x 20'
  • Heavy Powder-coated Steel frame with smooth steel panels
  • 2 Steel Swing Doors- easier to operate, and more secure
  • Heavy Duty Steel Roof
  • Thick fiber-coated floor
  • All of this in a weather-proof container that keeps the elements out

Our large 8'x8'x20' Mobile Me Vaults give you tons of useable space with no wheel wells or other obstructions to pack around!